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Artist, Author,

Self-development Mentor

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YOUR Success is MY Success. No Limits

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You will also get practical help and finance (included) to start your own successful Online business (or improve the one you already have) so that you can actually afford to make the changes in your life that you want.

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 As well as esoteric and spiritual guidance you will get very down-to-earth practical instruction and advice. Each section has videos, articles and links to important websites and information, that WILL make a difference in your life.

- A thorough understanding of who (and what) you really are
- An absolutely failure-proof certainty that you CAN manifest changes for the    better, in any aspect of your current life
- A totally positive outlook about your existence on Earth
- A fulfillment of deeply held desires – and the banishment of all negative emotions

 Here's what you get in the 'Plant & Grow' Personal Success course

The course is broken down into ten very comprehensive modules – each one covering certain aspects of your growth and development into an ‘enlightened’ and successful member of the loving community of mankind.

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A little bit of what you'll find here...

The Internet is the World’s library. It contains, virtually ALL the information there is to know (in one form or another).

​​​​​​​So everything I include in this
‘Plant and Grow Your Personal Success’ course (including my own work) is available else-where. However, it would take you many, many years of dedicated study and research to sort through, with discernment, and put everything (I have included here) together by yourself.

Plus, there are very few gurus, experts and teachers, in all the different aspects of ‘life’ coaching, who know or embrace, and teach every facet of life and reality that I cover in this course.

​​​​​​​I take the specialist knowledge of many of the most respected experts in their fields and interweave it with my own understanding, into one of the

most comprehensive Life-coaching courses ever!

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As titles for each module of the course I use the analogy of how the highest entity in plant-life – a tree, grows and develops, with essentially, the same process as that of the highest life-form - human beings...From Seed to Maturity

           Seed                      Root                      Sprout                     Grow                   Bloom

          Spread                    Flower                    Fruit                       Mature                  Re-seed

Plant and Grow - Your Personal Success Today​​​​​​​

  • SEED - Free your mind

  • ROOT - Diet and weight-loss

  • SPROUT - Health and fitness

  • GROWTH - Self-esteem

  • BLOOM - Beauty – inner and outer

  • SPREAD - Personal Success – goal setting

  • FLOWER - Finances

  • FRUIT - Online business

  • MATURE - Freedom

  • Re-SEED - Heal the world  

    ​​​​​​​Whatever your personal success goal is you WILL achieve it here...

 By gaining personal success yourself - you will inevitably help others to do the same - and in this way we CAN make changes in the world for the better...

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Your Personal Success is not a destination it's a journey - join with me on your journey and I will ensure your success...

Do not miss out on all this content which is TOTALLY Unique and WILL lead you to Personal Success...

70 + comprehensive videos -100s of articles and reports - programs  - documents books - weblinks - memes... (an ever expanding collection)

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What's the best plan for you?

The greatest challenge I had (there were many) completing this course was - pricing!

How much should a mindset (life) changing study like this cost? (one of the most comprehensive self-development courses you will ever find) 

How much is the time (many thousands of hours of study, learning and experience)

it has taken, worth ? ​​​​​​​= $10,000s...?

In an ideal world the cost to you should be$0.00 - my contribution towards helping change the world. Unfortunately the world, at the moment, is far from ideal, and no matter how altruistic I am, money is a necessity for me - as well as everyone else.

​​​​​​​So, if not free - the next best thing is to provide as much value as I can for the lowest price I can.!


The PLANT & GROW Your Personal Success Course is a membership
(with UNIQUE content - and additional downloads being added constantly)
There are 2 levels of membership – both are just one-time payments


VIP membership includes the complete
ever growing
Plant&Grow Your Personal Success

This is a ONE-TIME payment
for unlimited access to



You are making NO commitment here -
​​​​​​​a TOTAL refund is always available 


This membership includes the complete
ever growing
Plant&Grow Your Personal Success 

This is a ONE-TIME payment
for unlimited access to


You are making NO commitment here -
​​​​​​​a TOTAL refund is always available 



Is There a Money Back Warrenty...?

Of course there is...!

I want no one's money if they cannot resonate with me and my teaching.

exist in the dense 3D world – but, I 'live' in a higher vibration dimension.

The last thing I would
EVER do is take anyone's hard-earned money
for nothing.

My goal in this life is to change other people's lives for the better
(that includes yours)

I already support many people who are disadvantaged - and proceeds from this
course will enable me to financially help many more...


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SIMPLY send me an email - and I will refund every penny that you have paid me.

If you find NO personal value with this course - I can ONLY suggest that you are
​​​​​​​not yet ready to do what is necessary to gain your own Personal Success  
and if that's the case with you...

Everything you need to get where you always wanted to be!

Your Personal Success - in Whatever You Want
Can be Now be Assured...​​​​​​​

The Very UNIQUE       
 ‘Plant and Grow Your Personal Success'    course!

  ​​​​​This is probably the most comprehensive self-development program ​​​​​​​you will ever find! 

If you have any doubts about whether this course is for
​​​​​​​you - or not, please read below...

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A copy of my mind-expanding book
"If You Persue The Truth The Truth Will Pursue You"
is included in the

​​you can get a copy now FREE by clicking or tapping on the book illustration

Everything is thoroughly explained – with text and/or video, and is broken down into easily assimilated chunks.
This really is the Ultimate Personal Success Life course.

...until you know the route. The challenges and obstacles that seem to always get in the way, are (if you have the right mind-set) actually leading you to your dream, not away from it.

I am currently chasing my dream. The difference is I KNOW I will achieve personal success – it is my destiny.

How can I really know this?

Because each challenge or frustration that comes my way, always leads me to a solution. Now, all I have to do is act and implement that solution.

The road to Personal Success is not easy...

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I will guide you to the right mindset for YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS...

I have already done all the work for you...

Benefit from;

*  my many, many years of dedicated study and research 
*  my seemingly prodigious innate knowing –
​​​​​​​    and 

*  my vast experience of learning by trial and error
*  my inexhaustive efforts to acquire real information

​​​​​​​*  my all-consuming passion to make the world a better place...

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You ARE much more than you think you are...

Once you escape from the insidious falsehoods of the
mainstream media – and understand the
real truth about your existence on Earth, your success will have No Limits

This course has nothing to do with rah, rah, motivational
thinking and theories - it is a thorough grounding in

what is necessary to 'live' your life to the full!

There's no need to buy endless self-improvment books - or spend hours and hours trawling
​​​​​​​the Internet - or sort through all the conflicting advice you will find

EVERYTHING you will need to ensure your Personal Success in ANY aspect of your life is here...

This extremely comprehensive Personal Success course - dealing with virtually every aspect of Human life - is divided into 10 easy to digest modules...

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who are you? - what are you? - why you're here - free your mind - critical thinking - the seed of ALL possibility - your life has NO limits

'Diets' - nutrition - raw food - water - organic and whole food - the truth about illness and the medical industry - improve your body - lose weight (permanently)

natural cures - the reality of diseases and ailments - heal yourself of anything (including cancer) - mind-over-matter - improve your mindset and your thinking - set yourself free

raise your vibrations - meditation -self hypnosis - positivity - eliminate fear (of anything) - self-belief - cure chronic depression - know who you are - know how to expect and manifest success - allow yourself to believe

​​​​​​​Women;  inner beauty - outer beauty - natural beautification - glow - natural products - fashion/style
Men;  self-esteem - natural health/improvement products - exude confidence - be attractive

goal-setting - Universal Law - the REAL Law of Attraction - give to get - help others, why? how? - it's already happened just accept it and embrace it - true knowledge is opportunity

build the life you want - financial freedom - internet home businesss success - time freedom - follow your passion - be the person you were meant to be

increase wealth - wealth mindset - more gets more - ethical busines - avoid scams - avoid scamming others - karma - the world IS changing - the Law of Abundance - remove abundance blocks

fully 'awaken' your belief system - reincarnation is REAL - bliss and joy - everlasting life -  move up to live in a higher dimension - live 'life' as it was meant to be (as near as possible)

spead the 'word' - the new social media - heal the world - YOUR higher vibrations will positively effect others - the 100 monkeys effect - unconditional love is the ONLY reality, everything else is merely illusion

and much, much more...

Unfortunately, as life is at the
moment on Earth, money is a necessity...
​​​​​​​we simply cannot live without it!

We need money to pursue our success goals, so I ensure you earn enough of it to meet your needs.

​​​​​​​After that, the amount of money you earn is limited only by your own desires.

As well as ensuring you are in the right mindset to achieve all your personal success goals, I also go through step-by-step methods of creating an income Online, using some of the most ethical and honest, lucrative, and value-giving businesses on the Internet.

The course includes Online money-making opportunities that I can guarantee you will start earning with...

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